Urban Food Resilience Initiatives Society

Guiding urban communities in the growing, harvesting & sharing of natural-grown food.

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Healthier food in healthier spaces

Urban Food Resilience Initiatives Society (UFRIS) is a non-profit society based in the west shore of Greater Victoria on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada.

Education about local food growing

Plants and planting, in-ground and pots, soil management, irrigation & water conservation, harvesting and storage.

Development of urban food gardens

Community garden spaces for folks who want to grow their own vegetables and fruit.

Improvement of regional soils.

Good soil allows for better food-growing in pots, yards, community and region.

Community education

Info sessions, workshops, courses.

Municipal infrastructure

Help align bylaw and development permit parameters with food-growing capacity.

Emergency preparedness

Food availability in your own neighbourhood is important in the event of major natural and socioeconomic disruptions.

Get involved

Partners, sponsors and volunteers welcome!

We need you!

  • Like-minded non-profit partners welcome.
  • Corporate sponsors welcome on our bigger projects.
  • Volunteers needed year-round.


  • Stay informed about urban food growing.
  • Find out about local workshops & events.
  • Connect with other gardeners & service suppliers.
  • Easy to sign up! Just say hello by sending an email to info@urbanfoodresilience.ca .

“Keeping it natural and nutritious.”

Urban Food Resilience Initiatives Society

Founded in Langford, BC in 2024

Natural food in urban spaces.

A community service by Urban Food Resilience Initiatives Society (UFRIS).